Al Barkal & Al Bajraweya accommodation facilities were design and built by Seferian & Company for the purpose of serving international archaeologists exploring the history of Sudan in the desert and alongside the Meroe Pyramids.

“The Jewel of the Desert” as described by the CEO of Qatari Museum Authorities, the project was handed over in 11 months.

Both sites included the following features and facilities:

  1. Technical rooms
  2. Offices
  3. Labour rooms
  4. Security & Reception room
  5. Launderette
  6. Public Toilets
  7. Library
  8. Mosque
  9. Restaurant with high specification catering equipment
  10. Fence with security gates
  11. CCTV network
  12. Soft and hard landscape
  13. Sewage Treatment Plant
  14. Furnishing living Quarters consisting of VIP units purposely built for the Qatari Authorities & VIP visitors.